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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Peter Rabbit Tea

Becky and I decided to surprise our stitching friends who thought they were just coming for our "usual" day of stitching, with a Peter Rabbit tea!  We had such a good time.  The day before, we set the table:
We had found all kinds of wonderful little things that had Peter Rabbit as a theme, including fabric, which Becky used to make a tea cozy.  The rest became a tablecloth.  We found a Peter Rabbit cake plate and the little wheelbarrow favor boxes at Paper Zone.  Online, we found Peter Rabbit handmade soap and lip balm and the adorable little ornies that became our place cards.  Becky also made the little blue-flowered chicks that were hiding eggs filled with candy.

For food, we made lots of little treats that Peter might have liked. Okay, he might not have liked the chicken salad in little cups, the deviled eggs or the smoked salmon sandwiches, but we KNOW he'd love the carrot sandwiches on carrot bread, and the stuffed carrots and cucumbers... the black berries and strawberries and cream in chocolate cups.  He might even have liked the lemon scones and lemon velvet cake!

And how could he resist these shortbread cookies with his picture on them?
Barbara, Beth and Becky all seemed to have a good time!

It was also Becky's Birthday celebration - we had originally thought that we'd be celebrating three birthdays, but Jan and Pat couldn't make it.  Here are the gifts I made.

First, I made a necklace for each of them (and one for myself).  

The one on the right is a fuchsia - for Jan.  The Mermaid is for Becky with a teensy button for a mirror.  The swan is for Pat, because its on her logo for Lakeside Linens and the little Buck is for me.

I know I took pictures of all the scissors, but I can't find them on any camera so I must have deleted them without downloading them - so all I have left is Jan's, as I mailed Pat's off to her.  The others were similar - little patterns to look like the toile-like scissors and their name.  Here's Jan's.

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  1. Wow, wish I'd been there. It looked like so much fun and I love Peter Rabbit. The necklaces and scissors/fobs are so cute. And what can I say about that food...can i come to the next party?