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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mad Hatter Tea Party

This was so fun!  We had our Mad Hatter Tea Party at the Queen Mary!

Miss Becky as the Queen of Hearts.

I was the Mad Hatter, of course.  I made the lame-o hats out of paper, hahaha.
The food was really pretty!
That meringue mushroom was lovely (and delicious!)
Becky and Johnny both loved the cranberry scones - I was partial to the crumpets, myself!

All in all, a lovely day!


  1. Julie, what an exciting day for you and Becky! I love the tea set, the food (yum-yum), the crown and the hat! Thanks for sharing and I am your first follower...lucky me!

  2. Babs - you were our first follower on the other blog, too! You obviously have very discriminating tastes, hahahaha.